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PHILEEP features singer/songwriter and guitarist from Hollis, New Hampshire named Phillip Gerekos. Phillip carries a charisma with him attracting music lovers to listen closely to the words and notes he sings and plays. Not only does Phillip do amazing covers of some of the early greats, such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, and the list goes on towards to present day studs like The Lumineers, but more importantly he offers original and fresh songs that relate to the thing we all like to call “life”.

He creates his own genre mixing folk/indie/rock together which is exemplified through his variety of covers and originals. PHILEEP started off rocking out with his friends for fun; mostly playing genres that ranged from heavy metal to indie rock. Once he became the lone solider he is today is when the genre shifted towards what he is meant to play. His profound lyrics are easily infused into your heart and soul while his rhythm rattles right through bones.

PHILEEP writes songs to demonstrate facts of life that can help every human being such as sing and dance in a magical trance, sing and dance if God gave you one chance. If you have gotten this far into this paragraph then I assume you love music, PHILEEP loves music equal to life itself, simply because music is proof of mankind’s existence.

Music is medicine that lifts up the souls of people being dragged downward. Like most great musicians, demons get the better half of a human, and music is the best option of defense. PHILEEP is now a spiritual gangster because he has been to hell, fought some demons, and came back a better than ever indigo child of love and light. His music is meant to express his love and passion for life itself and shed light into his listeners.